Basic introduction of Water-reducing Agent

- Apr 03, 2018-

The appearance form is divided into the water agent and the powder.

The solid content of the water agent generally has 20%,40% (also known as Mother Liquor), 60%, the powder contains solid content is generally 98%.

According to water reducer and strengthening capacity, divided into ordinary water-reducing agent (also known as plasticizer, water reducing rate is not less than 8%, Superplasticizer (also known as Super plasticizer, water reduction rate is not less than 14%) and high-performance water-reducing Agent (water reduction rate is not less than 25%), and is divided into early strong, standard type and gentle condensate.

According to constituent materials are divided into: (1) Lignin sulfonate class, (2) polycyclic aromatic salts, (3) water-soluble resin sulfonate class. Ordinary water-reducing agent suitable for daily minimum temperature of 5 ℃ construction of concrete. High-efficiency water-reducing agent suitable for the daily minimum temperature of 0 ℃ of concrete construction, and suitable for the preparation of large liquid concrete, high-strength concrete and steamed concrete.