Classification of inorganic Silica gel

- Apr 03, 2018-

Silica gel According to its size is divided into: macroporous silica gel, thick-hole silica gel, B-type silica gel, microporous silica gel. Because of the different pore structure, the adsorption properties of them are characteristic.

Thick-hole silica gel in the case of high relative humidity has a higher adsorption capacity, fine-pore silica gel in the case of low relative humidity, the absorption of adsorption is higher than the coarse silica gel, while the B-type silica gel due to the hole structure between coarse, thin hole, its adsorption capacity between coarse, thin hole. Inorganic silica Gel According to its use, can also be divided into beer silica gel, PSA silicone, medical silicone, discoloration silicone, silica gel desiccant, silicone openings, toothpaste with silica gel.