- Nov 26, 2018-

Calcium chloride (Cacl2) is an inorganic salt that is indispensable in national life. It is divided into solid calcium chloride and liquid calcium chloride. According to the content, it can be divided into anhydrous calcium chloride and calcium chloride dihydrate. The shape is divided into calcium chloride, powdered calcium chloride, spiny spherical calcium chloride and light spherical calcium chloride.

Among them, calcium chloride dihydrate is the most widely used one. The common forms on the market include dihydrated calcium chloride, dihydrated calcium chloride and dihydrated spherical calcium chloride.

Among all the sub-categories of calcium chloride, the most commonly used is calcium dihydrate tablets. Dihydrate flaky calcium chloride is a kind of calcium chloride, and its content is generally about 74%, which is higher than liquid calcium chloride than anhydrous calcium chloride. The specifications of calcium chloride dihydrate are powdery, flake-like, etc. The two-plate calcium chloride is convenient to transport and use, so it is used in a large amount and has a wide application.