Gonna Visit Mars

- Nov 27, 2018-

On November 26th, according to foreign media reports, space exploration company SpaceX CEO Musk said in an interview with foreign media Axios that he has a 70% chance of moving to Mars, although he may die.

Musk said that I know exactly what I want to do, that is, move to Mars. Musk also stressed that this will be a very difficult process.

He said that after humans successfully landed on Mars, they will continue to work and build bases. There will not be too much free time.

Musk also stressed that landing on Mars is not a pastime or escape method for the rich. Because of the harsh environment of Mars, the probability of human beings dying on Mars is much higher than on Earth.

Musk also expects that there will be flights to Mars in about seven years, and the fare is about several hundred thousand dollars.

Musk said in September last year that he hopes to launch a mission to Mars in 2022, but the first launch will be a cargo spacecraft, providing infrastructure for power, mining and life support for subsequent flights, followed by two The manned spacecraft and two cargo ships sailed to Mars to establish a base at Mars to prepare for a large number of Martian immigrants.

Musk has repeatedly said that he hopes he can die on Mars. He also claimed to be a Martian.