Reaction Mechanism Of Acyl Chlorine And Ammonia

- Apr 03, 2018-

1. Acyl chlorine and amine reaction to produce amide is a high yield classic reaction. If the amine used is gaseous and needs to use its aqueous solution, the reaction temperature should be controlled below 5 degrees Celsius. The instrument used, three flask, the thermometer, constant pressure drop liquid funnel (in Sheng acyl chlorine solution, the general use of THF to do solvents), another can plug glass plugs, add electromagnetic stirring, no reflow.

But these reactions are exothermic reaction, and the acyl chlorine drops should not be too fast.

2. Liquid amine is best to dilute the solvent with the acyl chlorine, the reaction process is similar to the above, but the temperature control can be slightly higher. 3. The reaction by-product has acid and salt substances, but both are soluble in water or alkali solution. If the obtained solids in the above two conditions do not dissolve, can be preliminarily judged that amide.

In addition, the structure of benzene ring can be judged by running board. 4. Acyl chlorine and amine reaction light use DMF as solvent and need to add catalyst.