The Characteristics Of Silica Gel

- Jul 19, 2018-


Silica gel is a kind of highly active adsorption material. It is usually formulated by sodium silicate and sulphuric acid reaction and through a series of aftertreatment processes such as aging, pickling, etc.Silica gel is amorphous substance. Its chemical molecular formula is SiO2.nH2O.It is insoluble in water and any other solvent.

According to the different pore diameters of silica gels, they are categorized into large pore silica gel, macro-pored silica gel, B type silica gel and fine-pored silica gel. Owing to their different pore structures, their adsorptive performances are variable. Under the circumstance where there is high relative humidity, marco-pored  silica gel has a relative high adsorption capacity, Whereas, under the circumstance where there is low relative humidity,fine-pored silica gel has a higher adsorption capacity than macro-pored silicia gel. The pore structure of silica gel Type B lies between macro-pores and fine-pored silicia gel, so its adsorption amount is also between those of macro-pored and fine-pored silica gel. Large pored silica gel is usually used as catalyst carrier, matting agent and toothpaste abrasive, etc.Therefore, the appropriate type is to be selected according to your specific field of application.