The China International Import Expo Exhibition

- Nov 12, 2018-

The National Exhibition and Convention Center, the largestnin Asia and second largest globally, is due to host more than 150-thousand purchasers from 130 countries.

Nearly 70 supporting projects for services have been completed in Shanghai's Qingpu District where the venue is located.

The construction of 15 roads around the expo site has been completed, as has a pedestrian corridpr connecting Hongqiao central bussiness district with the expo venue.

It shortens the walking time from over 1 hour to just 20 minutes.

An Internet network including a 5G roads around the expo site has been completed at exhibition venues earlier this week, covering an area of 300-thousand square meters.

Yang Bingfeng is with China Telecom's Shanghai branch.

"Here at the exhibition of the China International Import Expo, we have built a new 4G network which allows 300,000 people to simultaneously use 4G,and the download rate could reach 50 megabytes per second."

Jin Xiaohua, a wireless design project manager, says the 5G integrated base station is designed to provide internet with wide bandwidths, low delay and high speed.

"The 5G base station provides us with a wireless passage to send HDs. It could also be used for VR interaction, which is a huge leap from the original 4G network."

As the event approaches, workers have been laying out the exhibition area stretching up 100square meters.

A vast flowerbed and eight tall columns shaped like vases have already been set up in front of the venue.

Jia Lin is the landsape designer for the exhibition center.

"The eight columns at the entrance indicate a warm welcome to friends from all over the world. They are shaped like blue and white porcelain vases, as vases represent peace in Chinese. When all the work is finished, the guests will see a sea of flowers, fountains and array of flags at this square when they enter here."

Timetables have been extended on 17 bus lines, eight new shuttle bus lines have been created, and 100 backup buses are ready for emergencies each day.

More than 1,700 hotels are listed, which are able to provide more than 250-thousand rooms and 410-thousand beds.

Over the past six months, nearly 50 tourist information service stations have been set up in various large commercial complexes, creative parks and cruise ship terminals in the city.

For CRI, this is Guo Yan